The evolution of the comment card

The hospitality industry provides comment cards all the time, but they often sit gathering dust. Translation? Valuable customer insights are not being captured and money is lost on print and production too.

With 'multimodal' comment cards, you give your customers quick and simple feedback options to which you can attach rewards and from which you can extract meaningful data.

Multimodal online customer surveys – the evolution of the comment card.

Quick, simple, satisfied.

Speed, convenience, and familiarity translate into increased response rates. Customers spend little time and effort to complete the survey and you capture beneficial data.


Business Benefits

• Connect and get instant feedback
• Hassle-free distribution no apps required
• Get feedback instantly with robust reports
• Respond quickly to avoid negative online
• Get active in social media to develop
• Act quickly to build customer loyalty



Our Clients

  • Area Communications
  • Test Ready Pro